Back For Good - DECKSHARK EP [Turn it down music #2]

BACK FOR GOOD - They Lurk In the depths


The BACK FOR GOOD - Deckshark EP is, as the dear reader might have guessed, dedicated to a species threatened with extinction - exactly, the Deckshark. Especially in the 1990s, when the also in the leading 2000s his population was still quite high. It was only with the advent of digital publishing - possibilities - that his population rapidly declined. Today he is considered extinct. Even if this EP is dedicated to this genre by name, nothing is covered here, but of course all original content. "They Lurk In The Depths" forms the Entry into the musical shark basin. The centre of the action is a wobbly, organic pad that sounds extremely fresh and unspent. The tracks groove is based on a deep, dark muted baseline, which makes it quite floor-suitable despite its subtlety. Out the back, a challenging chord (Detroit school) provides for a portion of extra - boost.

BACK FOR GOOD - Shark Attack

The name says it all - BACK FOR GOOD - Shark Attack actually doesn't take prisoners. A dark 8 bit electrotechno track with a baseline as subtle as a pimped V8 engine. The baseline is the track´s main attraction and it is replaced by rough, analog lead sounds from time to time.

BACK FOR GOOD - Beware of the deckshark

Beware Of The Deckshark is rather a ambivalent, interesting electro-pop / synth-pop number. Stylistically it forms a clear contrast to the "Shark Attack", some BACK FOR GOOD typical sound generators can also be found here.

BACK FOR GOOD - Solitary Silver surfer

The "Solitary Silver Surfer" is the successful conclusion of the release. A bold Acid Baseline picks up the inclined music lover right from the start and the straight out driving 909 drums form the engine of the piece. Interesting is the track's melancholic minor strings, which start a bit later. They make the track the ideal Sun-welcome to the festival on Sunday morning. Even though all tracks of the Deckshark EP stand for themselves and are clearly different, there is a clear red thread running through the entire EP. It is versatile without being arbitrary.