Back For Good - sidewalk EP [Turn it down music #1]


An end can be a beginning - or something like that. Therefore the EP starts with the track "Endgame". The dark melodic entry - track from BACK FOR GOOD could be a homage to ripped through Nights at a stack of Commodore 64 games. At least he musically refers to the sound of that time. Melancholy and darkness with potential goose bumps can be found here to the entrance. Musically, the piece is oriented towards organic synthwave pieces from the late 80s. The piece does not need any showmanship and is produced by a tighten Lo-Fi 808.

BACK FOR GOOD - Maximum Confusion

Track number 2 on BACK FOR GOOD´s Sidewalk EP also makes no secret of his fascination for musical pearls of the electronic Cretaceous. Maximum Confusion is far away away from the entry track "Endgame" and refers more to Industrial Techno and Lo-Fi Elektro. "Maximum Confusion" shines rather by the fact that it just not in the classical sense but with a disturbing abruptness of just under 7 minutes. But the track doesn't try to be too functional at any time.


BACK FOR GOOD´s "GLITCH" sounds like an excerpt from a successful jam session. A twirling, sluggish 606, so typical of many of his tracks, and a warm, analog synth are the two main ingredients of this track. The rest is a good breeze of going wild. Thus "glitch" becomes an interesting and honest piece without too complex harmony structures with Floor - Ambitions.