Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears (incl. ARMONICS + Back for Good Remixes)[Turn it down music #5]

Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears (Original Mix)

We are very delighted to welcome Alessandro Parisi to TURN IT DOWN MUSIC. Not only because of his track "Crossfire" he might be well known to most people. His track "Crystal Tears is an up-tempo banger full of old-school electro sounds. He really stands out from the crowd with his daring Neo-Trance Vibes. A captivating Track that is surely everything except consensus - music.

Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears (Armonics Remix)

ARMONICS from the Italian label Slow Motion Records decides to keep the charm of the original and to place it next to an 80's inspired Italo vibe. being Remix gets a really stylish and timeless character. It gives the release a new direction without completely breaking with Alessandro Parisi´s Original. 


Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears (BACK FOR GOOD Remix)

The release concludes with BACK FOR GOOD's remix. His version of the original almost only takes over the Choirs, before Speck put his inimitable stamp on it. ...and the way he leaves it. With a crunchy, unused baseline and metallic twirling drums in the style of a circuit bent 606 he gives the remix its own note.

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